Antibiotic and hormone free, from our farms to your family

Kettle Range Meat Co. strives to offer the highest quality, ethically raised and humanely slaughtered meat. Our source-verified animals are always antibiotic and hormone free and are fed only species-appropriate, all-vegetarian diets, including the grasses and forages that are appropriate for raising healthy and happy animals in the Midwest.

We carefully select each animal on the farm where it was raised, and in doing so, we believe that are ours is some of the most tender, juicy and flavorful beef that you have ever tasted. And our coveted Berkshire breed pork will make you wonder why you ever bought "the other white meat" at the supermarket!

All Kettle Range meat animals are slaughtered under careful supervision at small, family-owned Midwestern slaughter houses under USDA supervision.  Processing and packing is done by hand at a USDA-inspected processing facility.

In other words, we are deeply involved in the procurement, handling, and processing of the animals that we are honored to provide our customers and their families.

The Kettle Range Vision

To be recognized for championing the highest standards of environmental stewardship and animal welfare, vigorously supporting independent American family farmers and their communities, and providing the healthiest and most delicious antibiotic and hormone free beef, pork, and poultry to our customers.

Why We Call Ourselves Kettle Range

Kettle Range Meat Company is named for the Kettle Moraine region of Eastern Wisconsin.  Shaped by glacial ice sheets that created Green Bay and Lake Michigan, the Kettle Moraine is a beautiful region of lakes, kettles and hills that stretches from Walworth County in the south of the state, to Kewaunee County in the north.

A land of fertile pastures and small family farms, the Kettle Moraine represents the some of the best facets of traditional Wisconsin agriculture.  And it also happens to be the home of many of the independent farms who provide us with our delicious, grass fed beef and pastured pork and poultry.