The real heroes of the Kettle Range team our the independent Midwestern family farmers and producers who raise our animals according to the highest standards and time-honored traditions, often despite the many obstacles standing in their way. While they are too numerous to mention all by name, from time to time we honor them by featuring them in the Kettle Range blog or at our special events.

As for day-to-day operations, our team includes:

Joe, a Master Butcher and Sausage Maker, is our Head of Operations. A fixture in the local food world, he has been cutting meat for over 25 years and is in the Master Meat Crafters Class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Graduating January 2016

Brian is in charge of Cattle Procurement and Animal Husbandry Protocols.  He has a lifetime of farming experience and still owns and operates his family's dairy business in Demark, Wisconsin. Brian is highly skilled at selecting cattle and he takes great care to choose only the healthiest and most humanely raised animals.  He purchases all of our beef cattle from a close network of local partner farms. He also has a degree in Meat Microbiology.

Ken is a highly respected heritage hog farmer and is in charge of Pork Procurement. He and his family run closed-loop hog farms specializing in antibiotic and hormone free heritage breeds like Berkshire, Red Wattle, Large Black, and Hereford.

Mark is our CEO and Business Manager. A lifelong entrepreneur, he recently attended the Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy Farmers program at the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at UW Madison and is a strong advocate for local, healthy, ethically raised meat.