Because you asked for it...

One of the most common request that we get is for more is for more NITRATE and NITRITE FREE products, and we listened!

We've been busy cooking up some new recipes to expand out line of uncured meat products, and we're excited to introduce three new ones, made from the same grass fed beef and pastured pork that you love.

And as with all Kettle Range products, our bacon, summer sausages, and hot dogs are lovingly made from healthy, humanely raised cattle and hogs that we personally source from traditional Wisconsin family farms and is antibiotic and hormone free.  It's the real deal.

No feedlots, no gestation crates, no factory farms, no bull****

Uncured Bacon - Nitrate and Nitrite Free  

Uncured Bacon, 1lb.

All-Beef Uncured Summer Sausage - Nitrate and Nitrite Free

All Beef Uncured Summer Sausage, Original and Garlic Flavor, 12oz.

Uncured Beef and Pork Hot Dogs - Nitrate and Nitrite Free

Uncured Beef and Pork Hot Dogs, 1lb.