Each month, Kettle Range curates a special seasonal selection of our antibiotic and hormone free grass fed beef and pastured pork exclusively for members of our Buyer's Club program.

Buyer's Club shares are available in 10lb. and 15lb. options and are available for pick-up during the first week of the month at any of our farmer's market stands, or we will deliver it right to your door.

This month's 10lb. selection will include:

  • 2 6oz. Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Filets.  Tender and flavorful... One of our most sought-after cuts;
  • 2lbs. Grass Fed Beef Short Ribs.  And we'll give you Joe's delicious Beer-Braised Short Rib recipe;
  • 2.5lbs. Grass Fed Rump Roast.  This Sunday roast is perfect for the slow cooker... we'll give you some instructions;
  • 2 1lb. Grass Fed Ground Beef.  Our most popular 80/20 blend, ideal for burgers, meat loaf, and more;
  • 2lbs. Berkshire Pork Stew Meat.  Try it with the spicy Carnitas recipe that we're including in box;
  • 1lb. Hand-Made Italian Pork Sausages.  4 fresh sausages to a pack... Grill 'em up for the weekend football game.
ONLY $95.00 for 10lbs. of healthy, locally-raised grass fed beef and heritage Berkshire pork.

All-beef and All-pork shares are also available... And even more grass fed deliciousness is included in the 15lb. share.

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