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Officially it’s still summer, but lately it has been a bit chilly for comfortable backyard barbecuing, so this time around we’ve decided to begin a slow transition into our Fall seasonal favorites.

This month, Joe chose three selections suitable for a quick meal prepared on the backyard grill—ideally with some of that bi-colored sweet corn that’s so delicious right now—including some grass fed burgers for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

He also selected three items, best cooked indoors, that each makes an abundant family meal with plenty of leftovers for the next day’s lunchbox. Note that two of these selections, kabob and stir-fry, combine nicely with the vegies that are at their prime right now (onions, peppers, zucchini, egg plant, and so on…) so don’t forget to support your local farmer’s market produce vendor this month.

The 10lb. Mixed Beef and Pork share will feature:

  • 2lb. Pork Belly. This is usually a special order cut, but we’ve set some aside for this month’s share. We have also included an easy and delicious recipe for Braised Belly. Out of this world!
  • 6 Grass Fed Burger Patties (1/3 pound each). Many of you have written to compliment us on our burgers (thanks!), so we decided to throw in a pack this month to make sure that you and yours are well-fed on the long Labor Day weekend.
  • 1lb. Beef Kabob Meat. Lean and tender beef, cut into perfect-sized cubes for grilled kabobs. We’re including a recipe for a delicious marinade, but it’s up to you to head over to the market for the vegetables. And you’ll need some skewers, too…
  • 1.5lb. Pork Steak. Sometimes referred to as Boston butt, or pork blade steak, this cut comes from the shoulder of the pig.  We think that this is one of the most under-appreciated cuts of pork and we want to get the word out. Season it with some of Joe’s Pork Chop Rub (we’ve included a free sample in your box), and grill it like a steak.
  • 1lb. Beef Stir Fry. Right now, market vegetables are about as good as they’re going to get. So, pick your favorites and cook ‘em up with our Tasty Stir-Fry Recipe.
  • *EXCLUSIVE* 1lb. Pork Bratwurst with Bacon, Cheddar and Jalapeno. Be our guinea pig... Joe cooked up this new recipe and we hand-made a very small batch that we’re offering exclusively for Buyer’s Club Members. If it meets with your approval, let us know and we’ll offer it to our other, less-favored customers in a couple of months.
  • 2lb. Sirloin Tip Roast. Sirloin Tip is the most flavorful of the common round roasts and the centerpiece of the traditional Sunday dinner on Wisconsin farms. Joe offers up a family recipe for Slow Cooker Italian Beef and Pickled Peppers that takes beautiful advantage of this roast to make a bountiful dinner, with plenty for leftovers.
And even more goodies are included in the 15lb. box! We’re throwing in some Hanger Steaks, Chuck Tenders, some more delicious Berkshire pork, and who knows what else… you have to subscribe to find out!