Colonel Pabst Worcestershire Sauce

At Kettle Range, we're passionate supporters of local food. And from time to time, when we discover a locally made product that we absolutely love, we try to get the word out by recommending it to our loyal customers and fellow foodies.

This time around, we’re shining the spotlight on Col. Pabst All Malt Amber-Lager Worcestershire Sauce. Col. Pabst is small-batch brewed one kettle at a time using a Milwaukee craft all-malt amber lager beer and twenty other natural ingredients, including Indian tamarind, Italian anchovies, and Madras curry.

The first time we tried this historic Pabst family recipe, we were blown away by its spicy, rich complexity and robust beef flavor. It definitely made us rethink the possibilities of Worcestershire sauce, and we immediately reached out to Col. Pabst's owner, Kate Quartaro, to ask if we could recommend it to our friends.

We were already planning to use it to make the perfect Colonel Pabst Bloody Mary, but then Kate recommended a recipe that was super simple, delicious, and very near and dear to our beef lovin' hearts:

Col. Pabst Awesome Baste for Grilled Beef

In a small saucepan, melt 3-4 tablespoons unsalted butter over low heat. Turn off the heat. Add an equal amount of Col. Pabst All Malt Amber-Lager Worcestershire Sauce, blending gently with a metal whisk.

Using a basting brush, apply the mixture liberally to the up-facing side of a steak that is already on the grill (And when we say "liberally", we mean it! But be careful to avoid the mixture dripping into the coals and causing a flame-up). Let it sit for a few moments before turning the steak over and repeating the procedure.

That's it. Simple, quick, and absolutely delicious.

For a limited time, Kettle Range will be offering Colonel Pabst at many of our local Wisconsin farmer’s market stands, and we may even have some samples of the Awesome Baste on hand for a lucky few of you who take home a couple of our tasty grass fed steaks!