Each month, our butcher Joe works to curate an interesting selection of meats that emphasizes the season. His goal: to give you a few classic favorites, and to surprise you with something new and delicious that you may not have tried before.

This month’s selection continues with the most important theme of summer: The Grill. At the same time, we throw in a couple of items that are perfect for a family picnic or a late afternoon nosh on the deck.

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The 10lb. Mixed Beef and Pork box features:

  • 6 Grass fed burger patties. Thick and juicy and ready to throw on the grill at a moment’s notice (1/3lb each patty);
  • 1.5lb. Premium Grass Fed Steaks (Ribeyes or New York Strips). Our most popular grilling cuts;
  • 2-2.5lb. Beef Chuck Roast. Perfect to make Pulled Barbecue Beef (recipe included in the box);
  • 1.5lb. Round Steak. Prepare with your favorite marinade, or even better: try a classic South American Chimichurri sauce (recipe included in the box);
  • 1lb. Old Fashioned Smoked Berkshire Bacon. This is a special addition to turn you into a Kettle Range bacon addict;
  • 1lb. Berkshire Pork Scaloppini. Delicate loin cuts, thinly sliced and ready to make a classic dish (recipe included in the box);
  • 1lb. Berkshire Pork Breakfast links. Try these, well browned to accompany a tall stack of pancakes (real maple syrup, please!), waffles, scrambled eggs, or all three… we won’t judge!

Oh, and we’ve also thrown in a FREE SAMPLE of our Uncured Garlic Snack Sticks (2oz.). Are you Paleo, or maybe just looking for a healthy and delicious protein boost after a long hike or a difficult workout? Our snack sticks contain no added nitrates and nitrites and are made from the same antibiotic and hormone free beef and pork that we buy from local farmers for our premium steaks.

And even more goodies are included in the 15lb. box! Korean Short Ribs, anybody?

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