Many of our customers, Paleo and otherwise, have been asking us to make some beef jerky.  Well, we finally got around to it... and  Joe just cooked up a batch of delicious Old Fashioned Country Beef Jerky, made with the same prime whole meat cuts of grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free beef that we are famous for--no reconstituted or pressed meat here!

This delicious jerky is perfect for a quick snack, or to provide some extra protein boost for a long hike or before your workout.

With a naturally savory and mildly spicy flavor, this small batch smoked jerky is hand cut and vacuum sealed in 4oz. packages to ensure freshness.

Each value pack contains four (4) 4oz. packages--1 pound of hand made deliciousness.

And stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we try out new recipes and interesting and exotic flavors.  We're hoping for your feedback, so place an order online or buy some at your local farmers market and then let us know what you think.