Press Release

7/7/2015 - Madison, Wisconsin

Kettle Range Meats, a Wisconsin-based artisanal meat company, has teamed up with WPS Health Insurance to raise money for the WPS Charitable Foundation, which awards student scholarships and partners with organizations that promote healthier communities.

Kettle Range Meats operates a popular Buyer’s Club program—a subscription meat program that makes monthly deliveries of grass fed beef and pastured pork to individuals and businesses in Wisconsin and other midwestern states.

As part of their commitment to promote employee health and to support local, sustainable agriculture, WPS allowed Kettle Range to promote its Buyer’s Club to WPS employees this month and offered its Madison campus as a drop off location for the monthly boxes of antibiotic and hormone free meat.

“We’re grateful for companies like WPS that share our passion for local, healthy food” said Mark Bearce, Kettle Range President. “To express our thanks, we will donate 10% of the proceeds back to a local charity of their choice.”

WPS has requested that the funds be donated to the WPS Charitable Foundation.

Other Wisconsin businesses can participate in the Buyer’s Club program and support their favorite charity by contacting Kettle Range Meats Buyer’s Club Coordinator, Katrina Pine at 800-608-2334.

About Kettle Range Meats

Kettle Range Meat Company is a local Madison, Wisconsin business striving to offer the highest quality, ethically raised and humanely handled beef, pork, chicken and lamb.  Their source-verified grass fed and pasture raised animals are purchased from a network of local Wisconsin family farms, processed in a USDA-inspected facility, and hand cut by their team of professional butchers. Kettle Range meat is always antibiotic and hormone free and is never, ever raised in confinement or on a feedlot. Kettle Range products are available at many fine farmers markets and on their website: